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drive foreco friendlyenvironment

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Stopping pollution is the best solution.

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Don't be greedy,it's time to be greeny.

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Leelmax is a leading brand of LeelMax Power Solution (opc) Private Limited. It is a Private (One Person Company) incorporated on 18 November 2016. LeelMax Power Solution OPC Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

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recycling systems

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Eco Consultancy

In which the consultant ensures that the client maintains an appropriate measure of compliance with environmental regulations.

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renewable energy

Derived from natural processes that are replenished constantly

improve your lifestyle

The growth of solar and other renewable energy resources is changing the world in major ways. Clean green resources are helping to stem the tide of dangerous carbon emissions and other pollutants.

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Green Environment

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Polution Free

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